If you use a script-driven app on your site and all content that you generate is stored in a database, your web hosting package should feature a sufficient amount of database storage, to make certain that even if your site grows, you won't have any sort of troubles due to the lack of space. PostgreSQL is a great example of a widespread database administration system that's used with plenty of scalable web apps and if you're looking for enhanced performance and security for your site, it's very likely that you will take advantage of this solution. With this in mind, you'll need a website hosting plan that will not bound your online presence, especially if you need to run several sites and each of them functions with PostgreSQL databases.
PostgreSQL Database Storage in Website Hosting
A number of the Linux website hosting services that we offer are excellent for hosting websites that require a PostgreSQL database to operate because they include unrestricted database storage space. Using any of these plans, you can install and run any kind of PostgreSQL-driven script application and take advantage of a rapid and reliable web hosting service. We can offer unrestricted database storage because we do not run everything on one and the same server. Alternatively, all PostgreSQL databases are managed by a separate cluster, that is part of our custom-made cloud web hosting platform, so we can always add more hard drives or whole servers to your cluster when needed. With our shared website hosting services, you will never have to worry that the expansion of your websites will be limited due to the insufficient space for your databases.